robotic lawn mower garage with door for Automower

Get the best robot lawn mower garage in town!

see customer samples
see customer samples
see customer samples
see customer samples

Best protection from weather..

The only garage with a mechanical door..

Your garage automatically illuminates at night..

Swiss-made from wood, not plastic!

Customize your garage door with digital print!

An ingenious, perfect solution for our mowing assistant. The robot is thus protected, the garage also looks great (...has already received some compliments ;-) and integrates wonderfully into our garden.
We can only recommend the garage.

Silvia, Wernetshausen, Switzerland

thank you, great job, we love it. now our „Lili“ has the coolest garage in town at the jurasuedfuss, switzerland

Martin, Solothurn, Switzerland

It is delivered in top quality. Deadlines are met and you enjoy a great service from purchase to delivery.  A roof over the robot from, that I grant my "greenkeeper" :-)

Daniel, Lenzburg, Switzerland

ja, wir haben die Garage am Mittwoch aufgebaut und sie funktioniert einwandfrei. Der neue Mähroboter hat auch seine Premiere auf unserem Grundstück gefeiert.

Christoph, Rendsburg, Germany

Yes very happy! We just got back from holiday and we found the mower back in the hut so it is all working fine. 

Marcel, Berkel en Rodenrijs, the Netherlands


Dear customer, dear visitor, please notice that we currently accept orders with delivery date spring 2020!

Fitting HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER 105, 310, 315, 315X, 420, 430X, 430XH, 450X, 450XH, 520, 550, 550H Gardena SILENO, smart SILENO+