'YOUR NAME' on RoboHut Logo

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Your robot lawn mower house is always supplied with a red or black RoboHut logo as standard. If you don't like it, choose your RoboHut logo in another colour either with the inscription 'RoboHut' or, if your mowing robot got a name then individualize the logo with an individual inscription such as 'Roby' or 'MAX' or whatever you like. Simply send us your name of choice during checkout! BTW: the Logo is not only an eye catcher but it serves two purposes: 1. it houses the front LED 2. it houses the Blumotion stop damper

The RoboHut logo is produced in a cutting edge laser printing process in Alumide. 

Individual inscription: Before we send it to production you receive a rendered good-to-print.


read more on Alumide:

Alumide is a blend of aluminum powder and polyamide powder, which allows metallic-looking, non-porous components to be machined easily and is resistant to water, high temperatures (130°C). Typical applications include parts for wind tunnel testing in the automotive industry, small production runs, jig manufacturing, education and illustrative models with a metallic appearance.