ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER GARAGE - ROBOHUT - white - white door - Size L

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- Mowing robot and charging station are protected from heat, UV rays and rain for years
- Installs in minutes and remains maintenance-free for many years

Walls, roof and acrylic front door CNC precision cut to size, all parts included and largely pre-assembled. So you have your garage standing in minutes! Made in Switzerland!

Guaranteed compatibility
HUSQVARNA Automower 310, 315
HUSQVARNA Automower 320, 420x, 430x, 450x
HUSQVARNA Automower 520, 550
Gardena Smart Sileno
Gardena Smart Sileno+

Not your brand? No problem, if your mowing robot drives straight into and out of the charging station, your mowing robot is compatible with ROBOHUT. Get in touch with us to clarify through our contact form

Please do not forget to let us know your robotic lawn mower brand during checkout!

Scope of supply
✓ Sidewalls CNC cut from solid 19mm 3-layer wood panels
✓ Two-piece roof CNC cut from solid 19mm 3-layer wood
✓ Roof fully covered with 0.7mm Aluminium sheet anthracite
✓ 4 tilt-adjustable feet to prevent the outer walls from standing on the ground and attracting moisture
✓ 3D laser printed ROBOHUT Logo in red with inscription 'ROBOHUT'
✓ 3 BLUM Blumotion stop damper
✓ All screws (Torx) and parts
✓ Preassembled mechanical door including all parts
       - colour white: Acrylic glass, high-gloss both sides
All wooden parts with double coating

Order with solar powered LED:
✓ 6+2 Solar LED Spots with solar panel and earth skewer: 3.6 V CE, IP44, twilight switch, with 3 rechargeable AA batteries
       - 1 spot inside the garage
       - 1 spotlight above the front flap
       - 2 spots on each of the side walls
       - 2 spots on reserve
✓ Cable ties and cable holders
✓ Bracket for LED spot inside

Wood and paint: 2 years
Aluminium roof: 2 years
Solar LED: 2 years
Acrylic flap: 2 years

Approx. 31kg, more info on international shipping and delivery

Setup and installation instructions ROBOHUT and solar LED
is supplied with your shipment, more info on assembly
Tools needed: Torx Bits T10 and T20 plus a Hex Bit 2 - not sure you have one at home? Buy our professional Bit Set